Do you remember when you launched your own business? I’m sure at least someone naively suggested that all you had to do was, “hire good folks to work under you and everything will be a success!

As you’ve discovered, hiring, firing and managing people isn’t so easy.

When we started working with new businesses, a lot of entrepreneurs shared with us their deepest team-related pain points including:

  • High turnover in the office.
  • Struggling to hire the right people.It stinks to invest money to onboard and train new people, only to find out way too late that they were not the right fit or simply did not have the skillset for what you hired them to do.
  • Firing.We hate this one too. But it’s a MUST if you are going to build a rock star that supports you, and works diligently toward your goals to grow your income and the size of your practice.

Are you currently overwhelmed and frustrated dealing with similar issues? If so, you may want to check out our new Team Empowerment Academy.

 Find Out How the Team Empowerment Training Academy

Can Change Your TEAM and Your Business

We are confident that this program will completely change the way you hire, fire, train and onboard new staff members in 2018, while empowering and better equipping the team you currently have!

Instead of getting stuck with employees that show up and punch a clock, this program will help you to motivate and incentivize “intrapreneruers” who will work diligently to meet your revenue goals and grow your business as if it was their very own.

Yes, these type of employees are REALLY out there, and this program will teach you how to attract and keep them so that you can hit new levels of success in your law firm. It’s time to kiss your staffing and management issues goodbye for good!

Until January 1st, you can join us for just $49 a month, which is the lowest price we will ever…EVER…offer for admission into the academy. Try it for 30 days, enjoy complete access to our vault of training materials, and if you don’t feel like this is the “game changer” you’ve been looking for, let us know and us won’t be billed further.

Here’s where you can check out the details of the program and join us:

If you are struggling with ANY aspect of hiring, firing or team building, the Team Empowerment Training Academy is likely the solution you’ve been searching forWe are confident this program will pay massive dividends to you in 2018.

In your corner,

Molly & Laney

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