There is a common theme that emerges amongst entrepreneurs: the theme of overwhelm. “My workload is unmanageable.” “I don’t have enough time.” “I need more help.” Sound familiar? Then you, too, are struggling with the 3 myths of overwhelm.

While the feeling of being overwhelmed is VERY real and VERY stressful, when we dissected these 3 common complaints, we discovered a few things:

  1. We CAN manage our workload, we DO have enough time in our schedules, and we DO have enough help
  2. The tasks that we are feeling most overwhelmed by, just so happen to be the same tasks that will help us or our businesses get to the next level
  3. We are actually afraid of the responsibility of success and the complaint of “overwhelm” is our way of self-sabotaging

Watch this week’s vlog to learn more about the 3 myths of overwhelm, and what to ask yourself to make sure you’re not standing in your own way of success.

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