ID-100341084Do you have a small business that is constantly on the go? Ever feel off-kilter because you’re not reporting to a brick-and-mortar location day in and day out? Every have that sneaking suspicion you’re getting away with something?


Don’t worry, you are not alone. Mobilization of the work place is dramatically on the rise in most business, especially in the ones that where it was formerly considered a death sentence.


Many people choose to have a “mobile office,” or to work outside of an office space (mobile doesn’t mean you’re working in your car although you could!) This is an extremely cost effective choice for many people. It also allows you to gain more personal relationships with others, considering coffee shops, virtual workspaces and community hubs become your new home. And, if you’re a creative thinker feeling stagnated, keep in mind that environment changes are a must.


But before getting too excited, there are a few things you must have in order to work in this way and these things determine your success.


1. Technology. Without the right technology a mobile office will not work. You want to use a computer that will benefit you no matter what environment you are in. Choose something that has almost all of the same features as a desktop computer, but is easy to take on the go. A tablet or detachable laptop is a great alternative to a desktop computer.

2. Storage. Unfortunately with a mobile office you cannot pack up a ton of files… this would be inefficient. The good news is you can access your files virtually and in an easy way. Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and Office365 are great tools to use on the go. Worried about security? An encrypted flash drive might be your best bet for remote access. These are quick solutions to access your files from any mobile device, whether it be your cell phone or laptop.

3. Support. For a mobile office to be successful you must be prepared to support whatever materials you are using to get your work accomplished. This means you cannot afford to leave your laptop charger at home. You have to think ahead of time about what you will need. Invest in a power brick that supports your device anywhere, just in case the power outlets don’t work on the go!

These are just a few of the many factors it takes to build a mobile office. While mobile offices are great for some business, they are not for everyone. Before deciding to work on the go make sure it is the right choice for you! Need ideas? Meet with us in a One Hour Business Strategy Session to plan the logistics of your mobile office.

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