Hiring & Empowering Solutions: The Podcast is an employee- and leadership-mindset transforming podcast, discussing such topics as legal staffing, law firm business development, and all things human resources.

The Key to Managing Remote Teams with Jason Treu

Managing remote teams has never been more critical than it is right now. For remote teams to be successful, they need to operate in a culture built on trust, collaboration, and teamwork. They need to know the rules and expectations from the beginning. When you put...

Creating Your New Now: Saving 2020 with Liz Wendling

It’s getting to the end of 2020, and we are all feeling a bit worn out. Are you using external forces to conjure up excuses for why it's okay to abandon your goals for 2020? In today's podcast, I am so excited to be talking with Liz Wendling about the excuses that so...

Four Things to Do Now to Slay the Next Four Months

It’s that time of year again. We all feel it. It’s not the cool autumn breeze. It's the pressure of the year-end sprint. 2020 is either going to be the year that crippled us or shifted us and our businesses. In this episode, we'll focus on which one of those describes...

My Employee Has Hit Their Full Capacity. Now What?

Every person has the ability to reach their full potential—including your employees. In today’s episode, we learn how to maximize your employee’s full capacity. This episode is all about targeting your employee’s genius zone. Where do they thrive? Are they good with...

Exhausted and Exhausting Law Firms

Are you showing up to work exhausted and draining the energy from your team? You’re not alone. I have been meeting with clients experiencing the same phenomenon. There is a domino effect that happens when we show up exhausted. Our exhaustion drains our teams. The...

The Power of Gratitude with Tina Torres

Tina Torres is an Amazon bestselling author with her recent gratitude journal, and co-host of The Angel and Tina Morning Show with Angel Tuccy. Tina's life came crashing down about 18 months ago. She finalized her divorce after being married for 20 years in a very...

Permission to Stop Practicing Law with Wendy Witt

Wendy Witt, the CEO behind Million Dollar Attorney®, walks us through the process she went through in giving herself permission to stop practicing law and pursue her passion. Listen Now!   At one point in her career, Wendy found herself in a law firm that was not...

The Impact of Your Thinking

Is your mindset sabotaging your results? Are you limiting yourself? In this podcast, we are diving into how to shift your mindset and start using language to create the results you want. Listen Now!   You're responsible for the energy you leave in the room...

Take Command with Paul Gowin

Paul Gowin helps business leaders and their teams transform high potential into high performance. Paul shares how he has worked through his early childhood trauma and rebuilt his life from a foundational level. He also gives us the framework he uses to help clients...

Leave Your Marketing Coordinator Alone. Here’s Why.

The ability to build relationships and trust with clients, with the community, and with other professionals is key to your success. The person with the power to cultivate these relationships should not be stuck in an office behind a desk. Listen Now!   Dedicating...




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