With national podcaster and host, Molly McGrath!

[Episode #180] Getting Your Firm Into a High Results Cycle.

As a business owner, you instinctively want to strive for perfection, but today’s guest is here to talk about the importance of balance and how that will lead to better results for your company.  Melissa Shanahan is the Founder of Velocity Work and the host of “The...

[Episode #178] Money.

Money makes the world go around. It grabs everyone’s attention, and it’s on everyone’s mind. Today’s guest is here to transform your mindset around money. Grant Robe is the Owner of grantrobe.co.uk. Grant joins the host, Molly McGrath, to explain how he helps...

[Episode #177] Creating Competitive Law Firm Counterculture

Everyone in a law firm is worthy of respect and can come up with a great idea. Today’s guest sees the value in making sure that everyone is valued and seen as valuable. Patrick Patino is the Owner/Attorney at Patino King LLC. Patrick joins the host Molly McGrath to...

[Episode #176] Marketing Execution Mistakes

Everybody loves to talk about marketing. Companies will pay thousands of dollars for the chance to have their product catch your eye, but when they are looking at the results, they aren’t seeing the money come back. Today’s guest is Amber Gray, the CEO of Trusty Oaks....

[Episode #174] The Truth About Stress & Strategy

Have you ever wondered what your employees really think? It’s important to hear what others that work with you think and what people are saying and thinking about employers in this day and age. Join the host of the show and the Founder of Hiring And Empowering...

[Episode #172] Cryptocurrency Law Issues

In this week’s episode, we take a look at a topic that is very popular right now, cryptocurrency and blockchain! Anthony Garcia is the Cryptocurrency Legal Consultant at The Anthony A Garcia Law Firm. Anthony joins the host Molly McGrath to talk about some of the...

[Episode #171] The Attorney Abuse Must Stop

Today’s guest is focused on providing groundbreaking, value-driven solutions to continue growing the practice of law. She is driven by her beliefs in technological innovation and working with Lawfecta has put me at the forefront of issues affecting Legal Professionals...

[Episode #170] The Answer is at your Front Desk

In any law firm, there is one person who is an unsung hero and contributes more than you could ever imagine to the team. That would be the person who sits at your front desk. It’s the most important position in not just law firms but in any business really. Join the...




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