Building stronger teams

In this episode, Molly delves into the concept of being the “glue” in a law firm, emphasizing the essential role of administrative leadership in creating a cohesive and efficient team. She addresses common struggles law firm owners face, such as micromanagement and trust issues, while offering actionable steps to cultivate a supportive and high-performing work environment.


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Quote of the Show:

“Roles are key to ensuring everybody understands their part in maintaining the team cohesion, which, by the way, impacts profitability.” – Molly McGrath




  • Effective Communication: Highlighting the importance of clear and consistent communication within the team to ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.

  • Structured Processes: Implementing regular meetings such as daily huddles, weekly team meetings, and quarterly strategic retreats to maintain alignment and address issues proactively.

  • Training and Development: Instituting growth days for continuous learning and process improvement, focusing on both soft skills and project implementation.

  • Recognition and Reward: Regularly acknowledging and celebrating team efforts to foster a supportive and motivated work environment.



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