Hiring is never easy.  When it comes to bringing someone new onto our team, we all think about the key qualities we want. From punctuality and courteousness to smarts and drive, we all have our wish lists.

One of the best qualities for any member on your team is resourcefulness.  There are many things that make an employee resourceful, but there are definitely some qualities that stand out more than others. The truth is, being a good employee comes down to more than just getting the basic tasks done. Being a good employee is about going above and beyond and having the right attitude while doing so.

So for all of the bosses out there, here are five qualities that your go-to, amazing, useful employee must have:

  1. No one wants an employee that does not desire to succeed. So when looking for the right candidate, look for someone you know is going to have the power to get the job done. This does not mean they will never fail, but it does mean that they want to be successful and have the will to do so.
  1. Employing someone who is trustworthy is vital to your business, especially if your employees are given access to any client’s information. As a boss you want to know with your whole heart that your employees will not harm your business by being dishonest or deceptive…this will also help you sleep at night.
  1. Yes, it is important for everyone you employ to have the ability to lead because at some point they will have to lead in one way or another. If they are not leading groups of people, it is still important that they know how to lead themselves.
  1. Communication skills. I cannot even begin to stress how important this quality is. You want someone who is working for you to know how to communicate with clients, other employees, and yourself. Bad communication leads to several problems and even some that could potentially harm your business.
  1. The last quality is someone who has experience. Hiring someone who has been there and done that is not only going to help you but also your business. I am not saying that they have to have a whole page worth of experience, but even something as small as internship experience will be extremely helpful.

This list is not the end all be all, but these five qualities are certainly things that you should be looking for when hiring someone new to the team!

Ready to find these qualities? We will help you find them, define the role you are hiring for, write an ad to weed out the non-qualified candidates, and determine who will produce immediate results. We will only find the superstars that are looking for a place to call “home” for a lifetime. Contact us to get started.

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