If you’re spending most of 2017 frustrated by clients falling through the cracks, balls dropping and work product not meeting your expectations, all while you deal with office chaos and practice management systems that either didn’t work or were not consistently followed …

… then we want to come aboard YOUR team to help you immediately stop the hemorrhaging, retrain your staff members and refine all that YOU NEED in place to hit your revenue, volume and PERSONAL SATISFACTION goals in 2017, in the final 15 weeks remaining.

As you know, we work with many firms in a high-level capacity and are the “behind the scenes” consultants to some of the top legal and business organizations in the country. We have gotten requests to “clone” our work ethic for decades, and we have found a way to do it.

We have downloaded our 20+ years of expertise, best practices and proven habits and behaviors into a SYSTEM that will supercharge everyone in your office. Your team will be able to ensure that your practice starts running like a well-oiled machine and is positioned to handle controlled volume and growth without stress, client dissatisfaction or the pressure to work 80 hours a week.

We opened some spaces in our Team Empowerment Academy and most important, made our consulting uber AFFORDABLE because we know there are a lot of great business owners (and equally dedicated team members) out there who NEED HELP.

Trust us: Your team members don’t WANT to fail you and let you down. They want to take your firm to six, seven figures and beyond.

If you want one of the remaining TWO spots left to work one-on-one with us, click here to talk with us.  NOW with a few time slots that work to hop on a call to discuss specifically the outline of the program and the results you can expect from working in this customized private capacity.

Molly and Laney

P.S. Once MIDNIGHT hits, that’s it. The price increases 45%. If you are even REMOTELY curious, don’t wait to go Schedule a call HERE to learn all of the details.


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